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Boston Bhangra gets involved in many events, whether they are performing in them, promoting them, or hosting them. This calendar shows Bhangra Classes, Boston Bhangra Events (performances and hosting), and community events that Boston Bhangra chooses to support. If you would like to see pictures and videos of any of our past performances, please visit our photo gallery.


  1. Sat Sri Akaal (RoyalJatt.Com) Dr Zeus (RoyalJatt.Com) 5:08
  2. Punjab Nachda (RoyalJatt.Com) Jinx (RoyalJatt.Com) 3:59
  3. Boliyan Remix (DjPunjab.CoM) Surjit Bindrakhia (DjPunjab.CoM) 5:15
  4. Ah Ni Kuria( Dr Zeus( 3:59