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junior-team-046Our goal is to bring together our youth who are undergoing the changes necessary to create their identities as future leaders in the community. Being a bicultural individual can make it difficult to find a group to identify with, our youth program strives to fill that gap. Our program aims to provide youth with trusting stable relationships they can depend upon. As these relationships grow, the mentors can foster positive changes in the youth’s cultural awareness, obligation to their communities and aid in forming a positive self identity. This guidance will allow the youth to form a valuable foundation through investing in their communities and help them discover how promising their futures are.

We have come up with a unique program that will help the youth learn Bhangra, while learning social, networking and professional skills, and give back to the community through community service programs. This is a huge initiative for us and anyone who cares to join the program, or would like to help out, please do contact us, as this program is made for the community at large. Children ages 13-18 will learn and grow as individuals, while giving back to the community.

We just recently had Boston Bhangra members volunteer at the Boston Food Bank where they helped to create 3,000 lunches for hungry children!

If you are interested in joining, please fill out the Mentorship Application Form. For more information contact us:

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